The voice of the analyst can be powerful and persuasive

Freeform Dynamics offers a range of compelling on-demand video formats to bring your campaigns to life. Our in-house team takes care of all design, preparation, recording and postproduction, delivering you with a highly versatile ready-to-run asset.



As the name suggests, this format is based on animated content that’s highly engaging and entertaining to draw your audience into the story being told. In 2-3 minutes, it can be used to crystallise a need or use case, convey the essentials of a concept or idea, or walk through the highlights of a research study.


In this format, an analyst is put on the spot to provide insights and opinions on the questions that matter to your customers and prospects. We generally field an experienced interviewer to drive an 8-10 minutes conversation, but why not get your own spokesperson to appear on camera and quiz the analyst directly?


This style of video (typically 8-10 minutes) captures a free-flowing discussion. Whether it’s a couple of analysts coming at a topic from different perspectives, an analyst comparing views and experiences with your spokesperson, or a moderated panel with guests, content in this format is always very engaging.

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