Studies designed, interpreted and reported by industry analysts from an informed and independent perspective will always be more credible, compelling and higher impact than generic market research. It’s also much easier and less stressful for you and your team as we take care of the entire process from end-to-end.

Community Based Research

CIO Pulse

Conducted via the CIO Watercooler, these 5-question surveys provide a cost-effective way to capture highly-credible insights from 50+ genuinely senior IT decision-makers. A highly visual ‘exec-ready’ report (4-5 pages) is distributed to the CIO Watercooler community and made available for you to exploit independently.

Distributed Cloud Computing

An emerging imperative for IT leaders


Temperature Check

This option is designed for occasions when you need research conducted quickly for a keen price, with geographic targeting. Input is gathered from a cross section of IT professionals (150 respondents) via a 5-question survey. Output is in the form of an authoritative 4-5 page report with full analyst commentary.

The role of machine learning and automation in storage

Drivers, perceptions, readiness and practicalities


Bespoke / Targeted Research

Quantitative Survey

With our global research capability, we will design and execute a targeted study tailored to meet your specific requirements. From laser-focused industry-specific surveys, to large-scale studies across multiple continents, we provide our normal end-to-end service. As you would expect, prices depend on scope.

S/4HANA Revisited

Has the time now come for SAP’s next-generation application environment to go mainstream?


Qualitative Study

Beyond survey-based studies, our analyst team can be commissioned to conduct in-depth interviews with IT leaders, business executives and other senior stakeholders. Qualitative studies typically involve gathering input from 10-15 participants, and can be conducted stand-alone or as a companion to a traditional survey.

Business Response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic

Qualitative data from in-depth analyst interviews