The first step in driving engagement is getting attention, and we offer a range of assets designed to help here. The typical purpose of this kind of material is to drive traffic back to landing pages and gated content, e.g. from social media, key pages on your website, etc.

Talking Points

Short, punchy, and thought-provoking pieces designed to educate, change buyer perspectives and/or raise awareness on a specific issue. Think of these as feature-length articles (typically 850-1,000 words) suitable for online publishing in HTML format, with the option of deploying them as downloadable PDFs.


Often commissioned in conjunction with writing engagements or research studies, these provide a highly visual representation of key statistics, concepts, principles and/or actionable advice (PDF format, length varies).

Analyst Blog Posts

These are highly opinionated pieces written in the voice of the analyst with an engaging peer-to-peer tone. Authored as a series of three linked pieces (500-700 words each, with embedded call-to-action links), these are designed to be hosted on your website or blog, or placed in the media to drive prospect engagement.