Let our industry experts help you tell your story

From freelance journalists to digital marketing agencies, there are lots of options out there to help meet your outsourced writing needs. These are all great resources but sometimes it helps to work with content creators who have genuine real-world insight into the subject matter, and a deep understanding of your buyers. Our writing services are powered by experienced IT industry analysts who will be quick to understand your brief, and have the skills to design and build relevant content that will genuinely resonate with IT and business decision-makers.


Solutions in this category:

Blogs and Articles

Our years of experience writing for mainstream IT media sites allows us to produce short-form content quickly and cost-effectively in pretty much any style and tone.

Primers and Papers

Our analysts are specialists in framing and explaining so are ideally placed to produce longer-form content to influence buyer thinking and tee up your proposition. 

Solutions in this category:

Buyer’s Guides

In a world where buyer’s guides too often come across as contrived, we can help by conveying what matters and why in an authentic manner so your strengths are fully appreciated.

Solution Positioning

Sometimes buyers may not naturally ‘get’ how your offering relates to specific use cases, or how it’s different. Our broad industry knowledge can really help here.  

Solutions in this category:

Support for the Internal Sell

Buying decisions nowadays typically involve multiple stakeholders. We can tailor most materials for use by your champions in accounts to get execs and LOB managers on board.  

Q&A/FAQ material

Getting ahead of likely objections can avoid costly surprises in the sales process. Our analysts are well-placed to help with guides for both sales team and customer use.

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