Veneza Robins
Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator


Call: +44 (0) 7773 777994


Veneza joined the Freeform Dynamics team at the beginning of 2020 to help drive the company’s digital engagement activities. As part of this, she is responsible for maximising our reach and level of interaction via our website, blogs and social media channels. She also looks after our community of research subscribers, making sure news and content are always delivered in a compelling, timely and user-friendly manner.

Working with the research, editorial and creative members of the Freeform Dynamics team, Veneza contributes strong marketing and communication skills in our continued commitment to maintaining content and digital engagement excellence.

Notable areas of expertise

Presentation and communication
Content management and publishing
Digital marketing and engagement
Engagement analytics and optimisation

Collaborative ideas creation and development
Campaign management and execution
Use of modern creative tools