Laura Rose
Creative Lead


Call: +44 (0) 7936 554226


Laura is a highly innovative creative professional. She is a digital native who grew up with technology then built on her natural talent through formal training in graphic design and modern creative techniques.

As our Creative Lead, Laura provides design-related direction and support both internally and externally. This includes working with the research, editorial and digital engagement specialists within the Freeform Dynamics team, while liaising directly with marketing and communications professionals within our client base.

Laura oversees the creative process from end-to-end,  from the initial brainstorming of ideas, through the development of design concepts, and ultimately to the production compelling multi-media content that brings analyst insights and research data to life.

Laura has been working at Freeform Dynamics since 2015 and continues to be instrumental in delivering on the company’s commitment to communication and engagement excellence.

Notable areas of expertise

Graphic design
Digital content production

Marketing and communications
Digital engagement