Quick-fire commentary and opinion from our analysts on topical questions and issues:

What changes will have the biggest impact on your IT in the next three years?

Cloud, Analytics, Politics all in play

Infrastructure Readiness Temperature Check

How future proof are your IT systems?

The Escalating Mobile Security Challenge

BYOD was just the beginning

Mobile Security and the Challenge of User Resistance

Striking the right balance

Cloud Security Temperature Check

A question of visibility, governance and management

What scares you most about ‘the cloud’?

Or more to the point, what people do with it

Evolution of the OpenText portfolio

An engineering perspective

The Role of Cloud Storage

Not right for everything, but useful in many areas

Storage Quality of Service Management

The automation imperative

My life under Estonia’s digital government

Estonia’s e-Society Architecture/Infrastructure

The Impact of VMware VVOLs on Storage

Easier deployment of VMs needs sophisticated storage arrays

Is your storage ready for the future?

Advanced storage tech really does deliver value

Data Virtualisation for DevOps

Delphix highlights an often overlooked part of the puzzle

Justifying end user computing investments

It’s important to focus on the positives

Strategic DevOps Adoption

Where are you on your continuous delivery journey?

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