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Everyone’s talking about Dedupe

Where does dedupe and data compression make sense?

Taking Sales Performance to the Next Level

The role of effective enablement and operations

Digital Disrupters do it to Themselves

Transformation has to run deep to be meaningful

Capacity planning in an age of agile and on-demand IT

Capabilities are still far from ideal

The Value of Digital Hubs

Understanding the full potential

Timeless principles of selling

What would a salesperson from the early 20th Century make of modern technology?

2016 - The year of the ‘Butterfly Wings’ effect?

Changing data centres step by step or wing flap by wing flap

How a bank optimizes the use of customer information

The value of insight, the importance of trust

Agonising over cloud versus on-premise

Maybe it’s time to consider the third way

A higher impact approach to IT investment

Some ideas to discuss with your IT team

Enterprise Git in Perspective

Don’t let the tail wag the dog

The dangers of digital smokescreens

When the front end makes promises the back end can’t keep

Cyber Security Ownership and Responsibility

A guide for senior business executives

iPad Pro as a laptop replacement? WRONG QUESTION. Ditch that paper notebook!

Analyst Opinion

Why are backup and recovery measures often not as robust as they should be?

Analyst Opinion

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