Work with people who understand you as well as the tech

If you haven’t used analyst services before, or are used to the eye-wateringly high rates of larger firms, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost-effective it is to engage with Freeform Dynamics.

Orientation and Discovery Workshops

For when you need a steer on evaluating and exploiting the latest tech

Figuring out if and how an emerging technology or idea fits into your business can be a challenge. Move too quickly or focus on the wrong things and you can create more problems than you solve. Delay for too long, and you can miss important opportunities. Our orientation and assessment workshops are designed to help teams of executives, managers and key professionals deal with this challenge and make the right decisions. Workshops begin with a ‘level set’ briefing to ensure your team has an adequate working knowledge of key principles in the area concerned. The remainder of the workshop is then dedicated to a facilitated team discussion of potential benefits, priorities, constraints and other practicalities in your business environment. This puts you in a strong position to qualify options and/or plan activity in an informed and objective manner in order to meet business needs most effectively.

Business Re-Alignment Workshops

For when business and IT are no longer seeing things eye to eye

Many organisations are seeing IT activity drift out of alignment with the expectations of those within the business. Sometimes it’s because the IT team has genuinely struggled to keep up with things. But it can also be that trends and developments in home and personal computing have distorted priorities. It is increasingly common to see business stakeholders focusing on desirable devices and highly-accessible cloud services, for example, without realising that enabling a business through technology is not the same as using consumer tech to run your social life or access content for recreation and entertainment. If this sounds familiar, then our re-alignment workshops can get things back on track. If you get the relevant stakeholders around the table, we can help you work through the issues, separate the real from the perceived, and formulate an appropriate action plan.

Procurement Support

To ensure investments are driven by your agenda, not the supplier’s

One of the outputs from the above described workshops is an understanding of what’s important to you and why; a precursor to formulating plans and ultimately executing to achieve your objectives. At some point in the process, there is a good chance you will be looking to procure products and services. Based on input from market intelligence, consulting engagements, and ongoing briefings with vendors and service providers, our analysts are able to view requirements holistically and help you to identify and weight decision criteria. Based on this, we then then help you to identify the types of vendor that are most likely to meet your needs, and even assist with the long-listing and short-listing process. Our services in this area are short, sharp and high impact, and suit those organisations who see the benefit of external independent input, but want to control the process themselves.


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