Turning an idea or an intention into a firm set of requirements isn’t always easy. Neither is figuring out what’s needed from solutions and suppliers. This holds up buying decisions. Decision support assets accelerate sales by helping prospects to crystallise and prioritise needs and move forward with confidence.

Buyers Guide (Individual)

A structured and visually engaging short-form document summarising key considerations when making a decision in a particular area. May be aimed at either IT or business buyers (decision-makers, influencers and stakeholders), with the language and perspective tuned to the target audience. Typically 3-4 pages.

Buyers Guides (Pair)

Many technology-related decisions require input and agreement from both IT and business stakeholders, who each have a different frame of reference and use different language. It therefore often makes sense to commission a pair of buyers’ guides’ to make sure your message gets across optimally to both audiences.

Business Fit Papers

The ‘Business Fit’ formula takes the idea of a Buyer’s Guide on a step further. After outlining the business considerations, we walk through your specific product or service to illustrate how a modern solution can translate theory into reality, and put principles into practice. Typical length, 6-8 pages, including graphics.

Solution Positioning eBook

Similar to a Business Fit Paper, but more graphical and interactive, and presented in the sponsor’s livery (with full vendor branding). The first ‘guest section’ outlines business considerations using the analyst voice, but we switch to the vendor voice for the solution walk-through. Typically 8 pages of content.