IT service delivery models

Will the cloud make your datacentre redundant?

With many organisations under pressure and IT teams struggling at times to keep pace with fast-moving business requirements, some experts would have you believe that every workload running inside a private datacentre today is ultimately destined to move to the public cloud. But is this proposition really true? Freeform Dynamics recently conducted a survey among 320 datacentre professionals to learn their views on cloud computing and how their own datacentres fit into the grand scheme of things. It became clear that respondents use a wide range of approaches to provide IT services to their organisations. These range from running services in their own datacentres and private hosted systems to global public clouds. But as to whether datacentres run by organisations themselves are becoming less important, the answer was a resounding no. Download the Talking Point document to read more …

Tony is an IT operations guru. As an ex-IT manager with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, his extensive vendor briefing agenda makes him one of the most well informed analysts in the industry, particularly on the diversity of solutions and approaches available to tackle key operational requirements. If you are a vendor talking about a new offering, be very careful about describing it to Tony as ‘unique’, because if it isn’t, he’ll probably know.