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Getting a grip on the GDPR

Here's our tips on how to plan rather than panic

Six months on, GDPR is a qualified success

Analyst opinion Anyone hoping that we would by now have greater clarity on GDPR will[...]

GDPR: the Security Dimension

Information security, governance and regulation in harmony

Consent and GDPR: get the basics right!

Analyst Opinion Why do companies find it so hard to get their heads around even[...]

GDPR’s latest gift? Class action privacy cases

Analyst opinion Europeans will in future be able to bring US-style class actions for (alleged)[...]

How long will your New Year stay Happy?

The Freeform Dynamics fortune-telling kit has been dusted off for 2019. Here some of the[...]

Data Management for a Digital World

Turn GDPR compliance and ransomware defence to your advantage

All-in-one Data Protection

Taking the pain out of information management

Information management is going mainstream – at last!

Analyst opinion Some assumptions have been held by IT pros for so long that they[...]

Cloud storage is hot

Analyst opinion But do people know what they mean when they talk about it –[...]

Taking the drudgery out of analytics

Analyst Blog: In recent years the importance of analytics has grown dramatically

Fast-track creation of the modern digital workspace

What once seemed impossible is now perfectly doable

Accelerating business transformation with desktop virtualization – Banking Sector

Digital transformation programs are probably a priority for your company, as banks and financial institutions[...]

Privacy lessons from the fitness fiasco

Analyst opinion Most of us already recognise that technology has the potential to wipe out[...]

Data Centre monitoring is not up to the job

What will it take to get investment? There is a quote that almost everyone working[...]

Get your weekends back!

Five ways that modern storage can make the IT pro’s life easier

Data Protection Revisited – IT

A risk review and investment guide for IT professionals

Digital identity: the many images of you

More and more of the topics we deal with at Freeform Dynamics now also relate[...]

Mea culpa: Trendy isn’t the same as important

Analyst Opinion I hate it when you realise that your point of reference has been[...]

Are you ready to pay the ‘mental debts’ of Covid-19?

Analyst Opinion It’s easy to predict many of the pains that are going to hit[...]

Dealing with the GDPR Challenge Infographic

The catalyst for a move to modern data protection