Jennifer O’Connor
Research Analyst


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With her Healthcare background and a Master of Science degree in Psychological Sciences, Jennifer (Jen) brings a unique perspective and a rigorous set of research skills to the Freeform Dynamics analyst team.

One of Jen’s most valuable attributes is her ability to quickly form a 360-degree view of challenges, requirements and opportunities in complex, changing environments. This stems from her experience in roles such as programme coordination at University College London (UCL), which involved liaison between institutions (including the NHS), and the support of multidisciplinary groups of clinicians and other domain experts and stakeholders.

One of Jen’s ongoing areas of interest is the role of technology in transforming both medical research and clinical service delivery, and as an analyst, this forms part of her coverage. In addition, Jen looks at technology developments more broadly through a psychology and human behaviour lens, with a particular focus on the impact of AI and automation in the workplace.

Beyond her industry-facing activities, Jen applies her research design and analysis skills to help drive studies in line with the Freeform Dynamics’ primary research agenda. This keeps her in tune with how technology demands are evolving within mainstream business and public sector organisations.

Notable areas of expertise

The evolving role of technology in healthcare
Workforce transformation and related cultural change
Digital awareness, literacy and wellbeing

Application of AI in the working environment
Ethics and privacy in advanced analytics and AI
Primary research design, analysis and interpretation

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