Partnering to maximise value to our clients

Primary research is fundamental to what we do at Freeform Dynamics. Key to success when conducting surveys and qualitative studies is trusted access to relevant decision makers and influencers. We therefore work closely with the partners below to help us engage with the right audiences in a meaningful manner.

CIO WaterCooler

Home to one of the most vibrant and interactive communities of senior IT leaders, the CIO WaterCooler is a great partner for Freeform Dynamics. And it’s not just about access to the significant pool of experience and expertise that its members represent, though that’s clearly a huge advantage when researching emerging ideas and technologies. The CIO WaterCooler also provides a great channel for our analysts and study sponsors to propagate research insights to an audience directly involved in IT strategy, planning and decision-making. With a significant and growing membership, the CIO WaterCooler is well worth checking out. 

Radma Research

The founder and CEO of Radma Reseach, Rajiv Sharma, is an ex-Freeformer. He ran our internal fieldwork operation before we decided to outsource that element of research execution several years ago. Since then, Rajiv has built Radma Research into a strong multinational business, and we have partnered with his company from the outset. With access to a rich and varied set of panels, Radma helps us gather data in a highly targeted manner, whether it’s small, focused ‘Temperature Check’ studies or large scale global surveys. Beyond research, the Radma team also helps us with a range of client engagement activities.