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Shaking things up through new ways of working and engaging

Technology is shifting the lines in so many aspects of our lives. Things that were previously too costly or complex to even consider are now easily accessible to both consumers and businesses. Attitudes and behaviours are changing, creativity is being unleashed, and the status quo is increasingly being challenged. Responding to these dynamics is now an imperative for every business.

Working smarter, not harder

What options are there to help people work together more effectively? The emergence of new[...]

Your office in the cloud – dream or nightmare?

Considerations for SaaS-based email and office productivity tools Why go to all the trouble of[...]

Is Big Data just Big Hype?

If the deluge of headlines and vendor marketing materials is anything to go by, ‘big[...]

SaaS based Email and Office Productivity

Over the course of many months there has been considerable coverage of ‘Cloud’ based office[...]

SaaS based Email and Office Productivity Tools

If you have an old email server in need of an upgrade or have calls[...]

Enterprise social media revisited

Over the last three or four years, many have been advocating the use of social[...]

Building tech for the flexible worker

Remote workers need support and training. The IT department needs to secure their devices and[...]

The Consumerisation of IT

With so many people excited about ‘bring your own device’ and easily accessible cloud services,[...]

Use of social media by analysts and analyst relations professionals

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event run by the Institute of Industry[...]

End User Productivity Revisited

Despite the plethora of ‘productivity solutions’ available from IT suppliers, why is it that real[...]

Does Office 365 keep its promises?

Running your email and office applications in the cloud is not a new idea; Google[...]

Lithium helped the penny to drop

A more tangible take on social CRM While I go about my business as an[...]

Collaboration, complexity and compliance

The trouble with some terms we use in IT is that they take on a[...]

The significance of’s ’Chatter’ to me is a bit like the boy who cried ‘Wolf!”. Every press release[...]

Videoconferencing: coming to a company near you?

This article is hosted on an external website. Please click here to view it in[...]

Videoconferencing: coming to a company near you?

It is probably fair to say that the likelihood of videoconferencing becoming mainstream in the[...]

Business Communications in Context

by Josie Sephton and Dale Vile The proliferation of communications channels has set expectations around[...]

Social wariness is wise for business

A colleague pulled me up with a start the other day when I was talking[...]

Does business social networking really need IT?

Are you wrestling with the idea of bringing social networking (choose your own preferred term)[...]

Social computing – start small, think big

By David Tebbutt Don’t be afraid of social networking collaboration tools in the office. Your[...]

The business value of social software

by David Tebbutt At Lotus/IBM’s Lotusphere the words ’business value’ were repeatedly uttered by keynote[...]

Enterprise 2.0 and the issue of workforce composition

Following on from my previous post on the importance of social media enthusiasts breaking out[...]

Mobility and Connectivity

by Jon Collins and Dale Vile During the middle part of 2007, Freeform Dynamics ran[...]