Work with people who understand you as well as the tech

If you haven’t used analyst services before, or are used to the eye-wateringly high rates of larger firms, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost-effective it is to engage with Freeform Dynamics.

Target the right set of buyers with the right propositions

It’s hard to know how best to engage the market when this year’s rhetoric from large analyst firms doesn’t gel with what your sales team and partners say is really going on out there. An independent perspective from someone with a more intimate grass-roots knowledge of buyer perceptions, priorities and behaviour can really help, especially if they are also practiced at viewing you and your competitors through a buyer’s lens.

  • Advisory workshop: This short, sharp go-to-market (GTM) service is great if you need an informed external perspective to help test and optimise your proposition and message.

  • Campaign consulting: For more ad hoc or ongoing support in relation to a launch or campaign, including content review and production, this is the service you need.

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