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High Performance for All

Responding to the needs of compute-intensive workloads

Report/Paper published/updated March 2010

Storage in the virtual era

Revisiting the requirements on data storage

Report/Paper published/updated February 2010

Approaching x86 Consolidation

Exploring the potential of mainframe-based centralisation

Report/Paper published/updated January 2010

Evolution of x86 Server Estates

Modernisation drivers and practicalities

Report/Paper published/updated November 2009

Desktop Modernisation

A service delivery view

Report/Paper published/updated November 2009

Evolution of Dynamic IT

A comprehensive primer for medium sized businesses

Report/Paper published/updated October 2009

Server Virtualization in Context

Rationalizing and optimizing your x86 server estate

Report/Paper published/updated September 2009

Desktop Virtualisation

Early days for mainstream adoption

Report/Paper published/updated September 2009

The Register Buzz Report

Readership perceptions of global IT brands

Report/Paper published/updated August 2009

Moments of Need

Factors affecting mobile service uptake

Report/Paper published/updated June 2009

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