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My life under Estonia’s digital government

Estonia’s e-Society Architecture/Infrastructure

Article/Blog Post published/updated May 2015

Orchestrating the DevOps Tool Chain

Continuous delivery for the Enterprise

Report/Paper published/updated April 2015

The Impact of VMware VVOLs on Storage

Easier deployment of VMs needs sophisticated storage arrays

Inside Track published/updated April 2015

Is your storage ready for the future?

Advanced storage tech really does deliver value

Article/Blog Post published/updated March 2015

Data Virtualisation for DevOps

Delphix highlights an often overlooked part of the puzzle

Article/Blog Post published/updated March 2015

Justifying end user computing investments

It’s important to focus on the positives

Inside Track published/updated March 2015

Strategic DevOps Adoption

Where are you on your continuous delivery journey?

Article/Blog Post published/updated March 2015

Eight Best Practices for Cloud Security

Blog post on WANspeak

Article/Blog Post published/updated March 2015

Virgin Media Business and its SMB proposition

Customer empathy and realism from a Telco?

Article/Blog Post published/updated February 2015

Are data centres heading towards a future of technology hardware monocultures?

What’s the future for ‘heterogeneous’ platforms?

Article/Blog Post published/updated February 2015

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