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Capacity planning in an age of agile and on-demand IT

Capabilities are still far from ideal

Inside Track published/updated July 2016

The Value of Digital Hubs

Understanding the full potential

Inside Track published/updated June 2016

Timeless principles of selling

What would a salesperson from the early 20th Century make of modern technology?

Article/Blog Post published/updated June 2016

Taking DevOps to the Next Level

It’s all about continuous delivery

Report/Paper published/updated June 2016

2016 - The year of the ‘Butterfly Wings’ effect?

Changing data centres step by step or wing flap by wing flap

Article/Blog Post published/updated April 2016

How a bank optimizes the use of customer information

The value of insight, the importance of trust

Inside Track published/updated March 2016

Agonising over cloud versus on-premise

Maybe it’s time to consider the third way

Inside Track published/updated March 2016

A higher impact approach to IT investment

Some ideas to discuss with your IT team

Inside Track published/updated March 2016

Enterprise Git in Perspective

Don’t let the tail wag the dog

Inside Track published/updated March 2016

The dangers of digital smokescreens

When the front end makes promises the back end can’t keep

Article/Blog Post published/updated March 2016

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