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From virtualisation to private cloud

Small steps to big results

Report/Paper published/updated July 2012

Private Cloud and IT Service Delivery

Exploring the broader organisational issues

Report/Paper published/updated June 2012

The Links between Public and Private Cloud

Theyíre closer in language than in todayís IT reality

Report/Paper published/updated June 2012

Private Cloud in Context

Whatís it for and where does it fit?

Report/Paper published/updated May 2012

Energy Aware Planning and Decision Making

Five imperatives for IT leaders

Report/Paper published/updated May 2012

Keeping Score in the Public Sector

The performance management and information access reality

Report/Paper published/updated March 2012

Storage Through the Looking Glass

An alternative business-centric view

Report/Paper published/updated February 2012

The Business of Electronic Data Storage

A non-technical guide for executives

Report/Paper published/updated February 2012

Information management in financial services

Data deluge, data desert or both?

Report/Paper published/updated January 2012

SaaS based Email and Office Productivity Tools

A critical look at the promise and practicality for SMBs

Report/Paper published/updated January 2012

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A big Freeform Dynamics welcome to Richard Edwards, who has just joined us as Service Director and Distinguished Research Analyst. Richard has over 30 years of IT industry experience and has worked as an analyst for 13 of those years. He will help us boost our coverage of the workforce empowerment and productivity space, and will also steer some of our key service innovation activities.  
Please see here, for more on Richardís background, expertise and interests.