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Future-proofing the data centre

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated November 2012

IT Service Management and Business Requirements

Has ITSMís time arrived?

Article/Blog Post published/updated November 2012

Cross-Selling to the Cloud

No cannibalisation required

Article/Blog Post published/updated November 2012

Bridging the great divide

Infrastructure boundaries blurring at the Intel Developer Forum

Article/Blog Post published/updated November 2012

Effective B2B Integration

Challenges, practicalities and keys to success

Report/Paper published/updated September 2012

Private Cloud and Data Centre Evolution

Tony Lock, originally published on DCS UK

Article/Blog Post published/updated September 2012

Translating private cloud into customer requirements

Andrew Buss, originally published on CRN

Article/Blog Post published/updated September 2012

Siloed approach to IT security increases business risk

Help from the Channel needed to make things better

Article/Blog Post published/updated August 2012

Getting private cloud to play nicely

App compatibility and management integration

Inside Track published/updated July 2012

From virtualisation to private cloud

Small steps to big results

Report/Paper published/updated July 2012

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