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DCIM and Energy Management

Underappreciated and invisible?

Inside Track published/updated May 2013

Workload placement in a hybrid world

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated May 2013

Data Centre Evolution

Opportunities for the channel

Article/Blog Post published/updated April 2013

Your local Public Cloud

SMBs are open to Public Cloud - provided itís easy with local sales and support

Article/Blog Post published/updated March 2013

Cloud storage matters

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated February 2013

A Data Centre that takes care of itself

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated January 2013

Developing the modern datacentre into a services hub

Serving the evolving technology requirements of the modern business

Article/Blog Post published/updated January 2013

A Vision for the Data Centre

Are you a Mover, Dreamer or Traditionalist?

Report/Paper published/updated December 2012

Defragging your Datacentre

Plotting the path to a shared services infrastructure

Inside Track published/updated December 2012

Analytics and Big Data

What can the channel do?

Article/Blog Post published/updated December 2012

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A big Freeform Dynamics welcome to Richard Edwards, who has just joined us as Service Director and Distinguished Research Analyst. Richard has over 30 years of IT industry experience and has worked as an analyst for 13 of those years. He will help us boost our coverage of the workforce empowerment and productivity space, and will also steer some of our key service innovation activities.  
Please see here, for more on Richardís background, expertise and interests.