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Will hyper-converged infrastructure kill traditional storage?

Whoa - not so fast!

Inside Track published/updated November 2016

Big questions for those looking for answers in big data

The future is disobedient: the more we know, the less we can predict

Article/Blog Post published/updated November 2016

Protecting data in your hyper-converged environment

Keep it safe, keep it simple

Inside Track published/updated November 2016

Microsoft Teams

A workspace for those who "don’t do email"

Article/Blog Post published/updated November 2016

All-flash storage uncertainty and doubt

Time for suppliers to raise their game?

Inside Track published/updated November 2016

IT Ops as a Digital Business Enabler

More than just keeping the lights on

Report/Paper published/updated November 2016

Surface Studio increases the versatility of the Windows PC

Something for creators, players, makers, and thinkers

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2016

A peek behind the AI bandwagon

Thereís more than one thing going on here

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2016

Workplace by Facebook

A communications platform for every employee?

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2016

Digital transformation initiatives hampered by poor ICT skills

Plugging the gap

Article/Blog Post published/updated September 2016

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