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Laptops and desktops still feature prominently in the post-PC world

But complexity is still the Achilles heel of the Windows PC

Article/Blog Post published/updated January 2017

Technology as a catalyst for cultural change

Time for a more inspirational approach?

Inside Track published/updated January 2017

Managing Cloud Complexity

The emerging role of converged services

Report/Paper published/updated January 2017

Unleashing the full potential of all-flash arrays

The network is part of the system too

Report/Paper published/updated December 2016

Microsoft teams up with Qualcomm and cellular carriers

An attedmpt to attract the next generation of Windows users

Article/Blog Post published/updated December 2016

IT Decision-Making in the Digital Age

Are you ready to deal with the moments that matter?

Report/Paper published/updated December 2016

Desktop budget wrangles

Whose device is it anyway?

Article/Blog Post published/updated December 2016

Cloud computing reality check

An objective review of the promise and practicalities

Inside Track published/updated November 2016

Enterprise Flash – The New Normal?

Everything you wanted to know about enterprise flash, but were afraid to ask

Inside Track published/updated November 2016

Poor capacity planning is not our fault

Sysadmins explain why things are so crap

Article/Blog Post published/updated November 2016

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