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The Business Value of Data Protection

Is it time to move from Data Protection to Information Management?

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2013

The DC you have to the DC you need

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated October 2013

Clouds and the Data Centre weather forecast

Public, Private, Hybrid – Just what’s going on?

Inside Track published/updated August 2013

The Data Fragmentation Challenge

Data everywhere, but few policies to guide where data should and shouldn’t be stored

Article/Blog Post published/updated August 2013

Data fragmentation challenges for CIOs

How CIOs can help the business and potentially save money

Article/Blog Post published/updated August 2013

The Datacentre of the Future

What is the Vision?

Video Bite published/updated July 2013

The Data Protection Imperative

Time to take notice, time to become proactive

Report/Paper published/updated July 2013

Data Protection as a Business Enabler

Not all data is created equal

Report/Paper published/updated July 2013

The Data Centre Today and Tomorrow

How to move forwards, the role of Integrated Infrastructures and the potential Cloud OS

Inside Track published/updated June 2013

Managing expanding business - Critical Linux workloads

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated May 2013

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A big Freeform Dynamics welcome to Richard Edwards, who has just joined us as Service Director and Distinguished Research Analyst. Richard has over 30 years of IT industry experience and has worked as an analyst for 13 of those years. He will help us boost our coverage of the workforce empowerment and productivity space, and will also steer some of our key service innovation activities.  
Please see here, for more on Richard’s background, expertise and interests.