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The challenges of application security

Why is application access security getting harder?

Video Bite published/updated November 2014

End User Computing Will Soon Be a Data Centre Challenge

Research shows ‘centralise and manage’ is the approach being adopted

Inside Track published/updated November 2014

Security policy and EU data protection regulation

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated November 2014

The Politics and Practicalities of End User Computing

Community Research Report

Report/Paper published/updated November 2014

So what you gonna do about DevOps?

Channel focus: Turning the ‘next big thing’ into real opportunity

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2014

Avoiding the runaway code train

A balanced approach to business agility

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2014

How much of your mainstream IT capacity does mobility consume?

It may be more than you think

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2014

Disaster Recovery for the masses

Can DR cover most apps or is it still just for mission critical services?

Article/Blog Post published/updated October 2014

Flexible IT governance

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated October 2014

Into the Compute Era. Your data centre for the next 25 years

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered/updated September 2014

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