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Future Proofing Your Network

Managing complexity and growth in an increasingly distributed world

Report/Paper published/updated September 2015

Cloud Security Temperature Check

A question of visibility, governance and management

Inside Track published/updated June 2015

What scares you most about ‘the cloud’?

Or more to the point, what people do with it

Article/Blog Post published/updated June 2015

Evolution of the OpenText portfolio

An engineering perspective

Article/Blog Post published/updated May 2015

The Role of Cloud Storage

Not right for everything, but useful in many areas

Article/Blog Post published/updated May 2015

Inertia has its virtues, but change is happening

More of the same in 2015, but at an accelerating pace

Article/Blog Post published/updated December 2014

The Ideal IT Environment

How does yours compare?

Video Bite published/updated September 2014

Using Cloud for everyone everywhere

Is it possible?

Video Bite published/updated September 2014

Attitudes to SaaS

Simplifying your cloud apps

Video Bite published/updated September 2014

The Democratization of IT Disaster Recovery

Executive Briefing Guide

Report/Paper published/updated September 2014

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