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Readers of The Register speak out on Thin Client technology

Good potential, but just one ingredient in the mix

Article/Blog Post published/updated February 2016

Thin Client Devices Revisited

Technology best forgotten or time for a renaissance?

Inside Track published/updated January 2016

Future Proofing Your Network

Managing complexity and growth in an increasingly distributed world

Report/Paper published/updated September 2015

Mobile Working without the Tears

The need for a user-centric approach to mobile security

Report/Paper published/updated July 2015

Justifying end user computing investments

It’s important to focus on the positives

Inside Track published/updated March 2015

The ’feel-good’ factor is good for business

But you need the right IT environment to support it

Article/Blog Post published/updated February 2015

Devices, recruitment and staff retention

Be prepared to offer flexibility

Inside Track published/updated February 2015

Snooper-proofing laptops and tablets?

A simple step to reduce sensitive data leakage

Article/Blog Post published/updated February 2015

A new approach to verifying user identity

Sometimes it helps to think differently

Article/Blog Post published/updated January 2015

Inertia has its virtues, but change is happening

More of the same in 2015, but at an accelerating pace

Article/Blog Post published/updated December 2014

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