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Welcome to the  September 2011 edition of the Freeform Dynamics 'Community Research Roundup'.


The following reports/papers have been added to our website and are now available for free download:


End User Productivity Revisited

Getting the most out of supporting technologies

Why is it that so many organisations continue to struggle with end user productivity issues? After all, plenty of technologies are available to help address them. Is it because the solutions aren't being deployed? Or are the technologies actually a part of the problem? And how much is productivity improvement about IT anyway?   

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Software Licensing and Subscription

Options proliferate internally and in the Cloud, but challenges abound!

Results from a survey highlight that organisations are faced with a wide range of licence models for the software they deploy. The advent of Cloud options for the delivery of some services is further adding to the mix, but one constant remains - lack of flexibility - and this appears to be inhibiting organisations as they seek to implement business requests more rapidly.

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The impact of Cloud on IT
How very complementary

For all the hype that's been going on surrounding Cloud and how it will revolutionise the world, uptake remains slow and adoption is still limited. This is changing in that we have started to see a willingness to accept and even embrace Cloud. One of the main reasons is that Cloud is now being recognised as complementary to existing, more traditional IT service delivery approaches.

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Cloud Connectivity
Carefully does it

One of the most frequent concerns raised when looking at Cloud services and SaaS is that the underlying communications infrastructure is not quite up to the job. Many Cloud services are wholly dependent upon network connectivity in order to work effectively. This has the potential to put the brakes on the uptake of Cloud. If there are any issues with the network, it translates to potentially serious issues with application availability, functionality, performance and/or responsiveness.

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The above are just some examples of recent reports. You can browse our full library of research here:[REPORTS]


We also encourage you to check out our 2-3 page 'Inside Track' research notes and some of the many opinion pieces written by our analyst team for media partners such as The Register, Computing, CIO Online, Computer Weekly, CRN and others. Here are some links to a selection of recent material that may be of interest:


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In the meantime, we hope the above is of interest. We try to keep everything we do practical, useful and grounded in the real world view we maintain from our continuous primary research activities. In this spirit, we are always interested in receiving feedback, whether you agree with our analysis or not. So, if you’d like to tell us what you think, send an email to


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