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Welcome to the  March 2012 edition of the Freeform Dynamics 'Community Research Roundup'.


The following reports/papers have been added to our website and are now available for free download:


Keeping Score in the Public Sector

The performance management and information access reality

In the current economic climate, public sector organisations are under increasing pressure to improve their performance and demonstrate that they are doing so, while simultaneously providing citizens and businesses with better access to information. We look at how well they are doing with this based on feedback from 118 respondents during a recent online survey.   

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Storage Through the Looking Glass

An alternative business-centric view

Our aim in this paper is to help you take a much needed step away from the detail and create some perspective. We reframe the storage discussion from one of technology operations to business enablement. So, if you are interested in raising the profile of the information storage discipline in your organisation, and making compelling business cases for investment in better tools and technology while showing cost savings to the business, then this is a paper for you.

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The Business of Elecronic Data Storage
A non-technical guide for executives

Storage and retrieval of electronic data is now an integral and critical part of operations in any modern business, and the volumes that must be handled are growing dramatically and relentlessly. The data retention requirements arising from regulation and compliance are adding further to the challenge. Against this background, if your IT guys have not already requested additional investment in facilities to help store, secure and protect information more efficiently and effectively, then it's only a matter of time. This short primer is designed to provide you with insights that will help you appraise such requests and make decisions on an objective business basis.

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Information Management in financial services
Data deluge, data desert or both?

Making sure that the right information is available at the right time to the right people is more important than ever in today's volatile economic and political environment. But how are financial services firms doing in actually living up to the ideal? And what can they do to improve?

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SaaS based Email and Office Productivity Tools
A critical look at the promise and practicality for SMBs

Much has been made in the media about the Software as a Service (SaaS) options challenging the traditional dominance of desktop office tools and the back-end systems that drive them. Indeed, a number of suppliers are promising to take away a lot of the pain and complexity, if only you move everything over to them – lock, stock and barrel. But why might you want to do this? And is the SaaS option really right for everyone?  

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The above are just some examples of recent reports. You can browse our full library of research here:[REPORTS]


We also encourage you to check out our 2-3 page 'Inside Track' research notes and some of the many opinion pieces written by our analyst team for media partners such as The Register, Computing, CIO Online, Computer Weekly, CRN and others. Here are some links to a selection of recent material that may be of interest:


Recent ‘Inside Track’ research notes


Managing Big Data

It's a question of scale


Operating Models in Context

The theory and practice of creating a more joined up enterprise


Recent analyst opinion pieces


Understanding desktop virtualisation

Dale Vile, originally published on Global Knowledge 


Information management: technology investment pays off

Martha Bennett, originally published on CIO


Is Big Data just Big Hype?

Martha Bennett, originally published on Computer Weekly



User Virtualisation - Moving beyond device-centric computing

Tony Lock, originally published on CRN 


Seven enablers of effective disaster recovery for SME's

Tony Lock, originally published on Computer Weekly


Getting to grips with SMB resilience

Andrew Buss, originally published on CRN


Intelligent cacheing for optimised storage

Andrew Buss, originally published on SNS UK


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In the meantime, we hope the above is of interest. We try to keep everything we do practical, useful and grounded in the real world view we maintain from our continuous primary research activities. In this spirit, we are always interested in receiving feedback, whether you agree with our analysis or not. So, if you’d like to tell us what you think, send an email to


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