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Welcome to the  January 2012 edition of the Freeform Dynamics 'Community Research Roundup'.


The following reports/papers have been added to our website and are now available for free download:


The Consumerisation of IT

A question of freedom versus control

One of the hottest debates in the IT industry at the moment is around the use of personal technology and personal internet service accounts for work purposes. But is there business benefit to be gained by granting employees the flexibility to use what they like and pay for it themselves? And how can the potential be unlocked without creating unintended consequences?   

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Enabling Rapid and Effective IT Recovery

DR insights and tips for small and mid-sized businesses

IT vendors and analysts sometimes make statements about SMBs not 'getting' the importance of disaster recovery (DR). But how true is this? And for those taking measures to allow recovery of IT systems and data in the event of a major incident or disaster, how well are they doing and what are their options for improvement?

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Disaster Recovery in European SMBs
Insights for vendors and the channel

'Disaster recovery' is a term widely marketed by IT vendors but research carried out amongst small and mid-sized businesses in the United Kingdom, Germany and France indicates that most SMBs are not comfortable with either the language or concepts utilised by suppliers. The majority of SMBs recognise that their ability to recover from disaster or to retrieve information when required is nowhere near as comprehensive as it should be, yet investment is not being prioritised to address existing solution and process weaknesses. In this report, we look at how this translates to an opportunity for IT vendors and players within the IT channel.

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Defining the Business Change Agenda
Achieving the right blend of innovation, transformation and optimisation

Management consultants and IT vendors love to talk about 'business transformation', as if this is the golden key to business success. But is it really true that successful companies are constantly reinventing themselves? Surely effective and sustained execution in an optimum manner is important too? With these questions in mind, we look at how senior business managers from 123 large enterprises across France, Germany and the UK talk about their change agenda, the role of innovation, and how balance is achieved between transformation and optimisation activity.

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The Business Information Illusion
Seeing through to the reality and acting upon it

Executives receive well-presented summaries of business performance data that create an impression of solid and reliable information being used to manage the business. But how accurate, complete and consistent is the underlying data? And while significant effort is expended collating and smoothing numbers for senior managers, how much attention is paid to the broader information needs that exist across the business? The truth is that behind the illusion of all being well, a combination of changing requirements and information legacy has led to a set of significant challenges that can only be addressed with executive commitment and air cover.  

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The above are just some examples of recent reports. You can browse our full library of research here:[REPORTS]


We also encourage you to check out our 2-3 page 'Inside Track' research notes and some of the many opinion pieces written by our analyst team for media partners such as The Register, Computing, CIO Online, Computer Weekly, CRN and others. Here are some links to a selection of recent material that may be of interest:


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