Research Methodology

The term "primary research" is used to describe the execution of research studies based on gathering and analysing feedback from a relevant sample of respondents.

At one end of the spectrum, we have what's known as "qualitative research", which is typically based on conducting in depth interviews, usually face to face, with a relatively small number (10's) of respondents. Interviews are typically conducted conversationally, allowing the respondent to express themselves freely.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have "structured quantitative research", which typically involves conducting a large number (100's or 1000's) of interviews, based on multiple choice questionnaires executed either by phone or on-line, in order to produce a highly structured set of data that may be analysed statistically.

In between, we have "freeform quantitative research", which blends the two approaches to gather the views and opinions of respondents on a large scale but in a more open manner. The Freeform Dynamics methodology is based on this approach and has the advantage of generating statistically valid results whilst at the same time capturing the respondents' views and opinions faithfully in a way that the pure multiple choice question approach can never do.

The value of freeform research becomes clear when you look at the services we offer.

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