Jack Vile, Graphic Designer

Call: +44 7873 118045 Email: jack@freeformdynamics.com

Jack is the youngest member of the Freeform Dynamics team. Born in 1995, it is debatable whether he falls into the Generation-Y/Millennial or Generation-Z/Post-Millennial category. Either way, he is a definitely a ‘digital native’ that has never known a world without the internet or mobile phones. This gives Jack a unique perspective on the IT industry, which is invaluable when providing input into research design, interpretation and presentation.

In his role as a graphic designer and data visualisation specialist, Jack combines creative skills with a knowledge of IT research to ensure that Freeform Dynamics’ output is both appealing and engaging. Since joining the company, Jack has helped to transform the way the team thinks about communicating information and ideas more effectively, and our clients really appreciated this aspect of our output in today’s digital world.

During his education, Jack has majored heavily on a combination of technical and creative disciplines, and brings this powerful blend of skills to bear on his work at Freeform Dynamics.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Data analysis and visualisation
• Graphic design and web/desktop publishing
• Effective writing

Content published by Jack Vile

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