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The DC you have to the DC you need

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered October 2013

What’s the fuss about flash?

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered September 2013

Device Proliferation and Data Fragmentation

Channel focus: Opportunities to help customers save money and lower risk

Column/Blog Post published September 2013

Clouds and the Data Centre weather forecast

Public, Private, Hybrid – Just what’s going on?

Inside Track published August 2013

The Data Fragmentation Challenge

Data everywhere, but few policies to guide where data should and shouldn’t be stored

Column/Blog Post published August 2013

Data fragmentation challenges for CIOs

How CIOs can help the business and potentially save money

Column/Blog Post published August 2013

Infrastructure Consolidation (2)

The changing role of virtualisation

Infrastructure Consolidation (1)

What are the benefits?

Storage Provisioning

Does Cloud Help?

Pre-configured Infrastructure

The way to go?

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