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Is cloud the answer to all your storage problems?

Survey respondents generally think not

Column/Blog Post published February 2015

Hyper-Scale Data Management

An open source-based approach to Software Defined Storage

Inside Track published February 2015

Devices, recruitment and staff retention

Be prepared to offer flexibility

Inside Track published February 2015

Build a DevOps culture

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered February 2015


The use of modern technologies to alleviate the strain

Report/Paper published January 2015

Creating the Storage Advantage

Time for proactive modernisation?

Report/Paper published January 2015

Industry analysts and the IT decision cycle

Just how far do analyst firms and their insights reach across the market?

Column/Blog Post published January 2015

Inertia has its virtues, but change is happening

More of the same in 2015, but at an accelerating pace

Column/Blog Post published December 2014

Creating more harmony around end user computing

Compromise is not a dirty word

Inside Track published December 2014

Insurance through the Looking Glass

Customer-centric business in an increasingly digital world

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