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The challenges of application security

Why is application access security getting harder?

End User Computing Will Soon Be a Data Centre Challenge

Research shows ‘centralise and manage’ is the approach being adopted

Inside Track published November 2014

The Politics and Practicalities of End User Computing

Community Research Report

Report/Paper published November 2014

Disaster Recovery for the masses

Can DR cover most apps or is it still just for mission critical services?

Column/Blog Post published October 2014

Manage security in real time

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered September 2014

The Ideal IT Environment

How does yours compare?

The problem with archiving

Why email is a challenge

Expectations of Storage Solutions

What’s changing?

Do more of your apps deserve better DR?

It’s time to democratise DR

Column/Blog Post published September 2014

Software Defined Data Centres

Reality or Hype? Required or a waste of time?

Inside Track published September 2014

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