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IBMís Spectrum Suite of storage tools is going to be a hard sell

Analyst Opinion

Column/Blog Post published January 2016

Combining DCIM and Cloud / CoLo / Managed Services

The challenges and opportunities

Column/Blog Post published December 2015

Network Security Solutions

The Role of Dedicated vs Multi-Function Options

Inside Track published November 2015

What changes will have the biggest impact on your IT in the next three years?

Cloud, Analytics, Politics all in play

Column/Blog Post published November 2015

Enterprise Storage Architectures

Is it only about scale up or scale out?

Inside Track published October 2015

Key Advances in Storage Technology

Overview of new solutions and where they are being used

Inside Track published September 2015

Taking Cyber Security to the Next Level

The role of continuous egress monitoring and analytics

Report/Paper published September 2015

Cloud and Security Challenges

Trying to take aim at hidden and moving targets

Column/Blog Post published September 2015

Windows Server 2003 end of support - Donít panic, do something secure, now

Webcast with Tony Lock and Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered June 2015

The Role of Cloud Storage

Not right for everything, but useful in many areas

Column/Blog Post published May 2015

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