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Bryan is a technology enthusiast and industry veteran. He has been analysing, explaining and writing about IT and business in a highly engaging manner for around three decades. His experience spans the early days of minicomputers and PC technology, through the emergence of cellular data and smart mobile devices, to the latest developments of the software-defined age in which we all live today. Over his career, Bryan has seen at first-hand how IT changes the world – and how the world changes IT – and he brings that extensive insight to his role as an industry analyst.

Bryan originally trained and worked as an electronics and production engineer, then moved into journalism and quickly found his place as an editor/analyst. He has written for daily, weekly and monthly publications, on paper and the web, and has appeared on TV and radio. His background also includes starting up The Register’s storage channel and co-writing Dataquest’s inaugural European Mobile Computing and European Data Storage Market reports.

Immediately prior to joining Freeform Dynamics in mid-2016, Bryan was operating as a freelance writer and commentator. Within the Freeform team, he now covers emerging trends and developments in IT infrastructure, information management and mobile technology, with a particularly keen eye on the role of open source platforms and tools.

Notable areas of expertise:

• Emerging storage, converged and hyper-converged architectures
• The evolving role of cloud computing in IT service delivery
• Effective use of open source in an enterprise IT environment
• Information management, security and governance
• Mobile technology, security and governance
• High impact writing

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