Hot topics

At any moment in time, it is possible to identify a number of trends and developments that create inflexion points in the industry, and significantly change some aspect of IT or business practice. The problem, however, is that confusion can often arise as vendors and advocates make exaggerated or simplistic claims as they jostle for position in any hot new area.

The trick is to look beyond the rhetoric and focus on the specifics that really matter. These include relevant foundation principles, economics and business case development, critical success factors, and the practicalities of implementation alongside what's already in place.

The hot topics we are investigating at the moment using this approach include:

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Vendor briefing requests

If you are a vendor or service provider and would like to brief us on your activities and offerings in any of the areas we have listed, you can send a request using the Freeform Dynamics contact details or contact the relevant individual analyst directly based on current areas of focus detailed.

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