The evolving CIO Agenda

The Evolving CIO Agenda

Many industry trends and developments have a direct or indirect impact on the role of IT, the way in which IT services are defined and delivered, and the nature of the IT-business relationship. This in turn has led to a lively debate around the role of the CIO and how the CIO agenda is (or should be) shifting to take account of trends such as cloud computing, shared dynamic infrastructure, the consumerisation of IT, etc.

As we go about our research and engage with the CIO community on a day to day basis, we frequently identify ideas, approaches, issues and practical considerations that are relevant to those looking to enhance their performance in a leadership role.

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Data Virtualisation for DevOps

Delphix highlights an often overlooked part of the puzzle

Column/Blog Post published March 2015

Strategic DevOps Adoption

Where are you on your continuous delivery journey?

Column/Blog Post published March 2015

Virgin Media Business and its SMB proposition

Customer empathy and realism from a Telco?

Column/Blog Post published February 2015

Do more of your apps deserve better DR?

Itís time to democratise DR

Column/Blog Post published September 2014

User desires versus business needs

Striking the right balance

Column/Blog Post published September 2014

Have you planned for a ’friendly’ DDoS attack?

Being ill-prepared costs

Column/Blog Post published August 2014

Accommodating increased user influence

The need for balanced approach

Column/Blog Post published August 2014

Migrating to Windows Server 2012

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered June 2014

Mobile security is more than protecting local data

Stored credentials could expose your corporate network

Column/Blog Post published June 2014

Security: the oft-forgotten dimension

Most organisations do their employees an injustice

Column/Blog Post published May 2014

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