Collaboration and Social Media

Collaboration and Social Media

The rise of social media in the consumer space has clearly led to a range of behavioural changes in the general population. When considering this in a business context, we focus in on three specific areas.

The first is how social technology can be used internally as an extension of traditional workforce communication and collaboration facilities to enable better efficiency and effectiveness, particularly within key process areas such as sales and customer service - some people refer to this as 'The Social Enterprise' or 'Enterprise 2.0'.

The second area we are researching in this space is how CRM systems can interoperate with public social networks to improve engagement with customers and prospects (a.k.a. 'Social CRM').

Lastly, we are investigating the area of 'social analytics', i.e. how organisations can capture and exploit public social data for sentiment analysis, tracking market developments, analysing influence, etc.

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