Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics

Within this area we look at how 'big data' architectures are enabling problems to be tackled and opportunities to be exploited that have hitherto been impractical in a mainstream environment. Our coverage here is very inclusive, taking in scale-out architectures based on commodity kit (such as Apache Hadoop), proprietary scale-out technology, high-end cluster-based solutions, and even software that can drive performance to the next level in a smaller environment. We also consider relevant hosted and cloud-based services.

Over-arching all of this is the key question of how big data technology will integrate with existing business intelligence and information management solutions to enable broader access and a coherent approach to decision support.

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Analytics and Big Data

What can the channel do?

Column/Blog Post published December 2012

Big Data and Analytics

Dazzling new solutions or irritating new hype?

Inside Track published November 2012

Mining the gold seam of structured data

Unlocking the potential of existing structured information value

Column/Blog Post published October 2012

Lack of Understanding inhibits adoption of Big Data

Plenty of work, and education, to be done

Column/Blog Post published October 2012

Good news for Relational DBAs - Looks like there will still be demand for your services

Dale Vile, originally published on The Register

Column/Blog Post published October 2012

The Big Data Revolution

Big bang or loud noise?

Inside Track published October 2012

Effective B2B Integration

Challenges, practicalities and keys to success

Report/Paper published September 2012

What should CIOs be demanding of Storage Vendors?

Tony Lock, originally published on CIO

Column/Blog Post published September 2012

Balancing storage efficiency and data security

Andrew Buss, originally published on CIO

Column/Blog Post published August 2012

Data fragmentation challenges restrict business flexibility

Tony Lock, originally published on CIO

Column/Blog Post published August 2012

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