Mobile technology and security

Reducing the risks of mobile deployment

Published/updated: June 2010

By Josie Sephton

In a nutshell:

The issue of security when thinking about flexible working practices such as mobile working and home working is of paramount importance to companies. However, while some companies see security as an insurmountable challenge, others have been able to address it comfortably and successfully. This ability to deal with security challenges is not simply down to chance, but rather is a reflection of how well a company is managed, the extent to which it operates in a highcapability IT environment and, of course, its approach to mobile technology.

Key points:

  • In spite of an ongoing shift in the way that people work, many companies struggle to deal with the security challenges that arise as part of a shift to flexible working.
  • Companies with a much broader deployment of mobile technology, which are much better managed and more IT-capable, will also have less security challenges: all of these areas are inter-related.
  • Issues such as developing proper procedures for identity and access management, keeping systems up-to-date, and protecting them against external threats are critical elements which need to be included.
  • Companies that arenít there yet with security issues canít ignore them forever, but may need to think about more rigour with IT and management practices. However they can move forward with confidence in the knowledge that other organisations have benefited from putting the right management and technical measures in place.


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