User Empowerment and Productivity

User Empowerment and Productivity

Within this area, we look at the technology and services that directly touch the user. This includes desktop and mobile technology, collaboration and social computing, as well as the connectivity and access mechanisms that are important for many of these technologies and services to deliver maximum value, safely and securely.

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Concerning Windows Phone and its relevance to the larger business

A key to broader workforce mobility?

Column/Blog Post published May 2014

Desktop Virtualisation

A data centre challenge to be faced?

Inside Track published May 2014

Should you wait for a wall-to-wall Windows solution?

Consider the practicalities

Column/Blog Post published March 2014

Is Windows-everywhere a serious option for the modern business?

Letís get real

Column/Blog Post published March 2014

Predictions for 2014

From the voice of reason

Column/Blog Post published December 2013

Will the CMO inherit the Earth?

And steal of your IT budget?

Column/Blog Post published December 2013

Are we barking up the wrong mobile data protection tree?

IT may not have to worry about mobile device backup

Column/Blog Post published November 2013

Voice recognition in healthcare

Boosting efficiency and enhancing patient interaction

Column/Blog Post published November 2013

Types of BYOD

Clarifying the hype

Video Bite published October 2013

Device Proliferation and Data Fragmentation

Channel focus: Opportunities to help customers save money and lower risk

Column/Blog Post published September 2013

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