User Empowerment and Productivity

User Empowerment and Productivity

Within this area, we look at the technology and services that directly touch the user. This includes desktop and mobile technology, collaboration and social computing, as well as the connectivity and access mechanisms that are important for many of these technologies and services to deliver maximum value, safely and securely.

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How will Apple increase its market relevance in 2018?

Belief systems have a time and place

Column/Blog Post published January 2018

Is HoloLens a serious business tool?

It’s beginning to look that way

Column/Blog Post published November 2017

So long, and thanks for all the phish

How to avoid that hook at the end of a fraudster’s line

Inside Track published November 2017

Socitm 2017 Annual Conference

Public sector IT practitioners snatch a few hours to think, listen and learn

Column/Blog Post published October 2017

Tales from a veteran Dragon user

A professional writer’s experience of dictation software

Column/Blog Post published October 2017

Teach a user to (avoid a) phish…

...and you protect them for a lifetime

Column/Blog Post published June 2017

Ransomware: Will your backup protect you?

Time to resurrect some old disciplines

Column/Blog Post published June 2017

Enterprise file sync and share comes of age

But you need to consider differing needs and expectations

Column/Blog Post published March 2017

Managing Web and Mobile Security Risk

An introduction to continuous assessment for business executives

Inside Track published March 2017

MWC becomes a launch event for Windows 10 devices

Showcasing the latest options

Column/Blog Post published March 2017

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