IT Security and Risk Management

IT Security and Risk Management

Within this area, we focus mainly on systems security. Where relevant, we analyse IT security issues against the backdrop of the broader business risk management landscape. Beyond security, our interests in this area include IT system resiliency, protection of business information from loss, disaster recovery, and IT-related aspects of regulatory compliance.

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The End User Security Jigsaw

Completing the puzzle for your organisation

Report/Paper published August 2013

The Data Protection Imperative

Time to take notice, time to become proactive

Report/Paper published July 2013

Data Protection as a Business Enabler

Not all data is created equal

Report/Paper published July 2013

Storage Anywhere and Everywhere

Dealing with the challenges of data fragmentation

Report/Paper published June 2013

Managing expanding business - Critical Linux workloads

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered May 2013

DCIM and Energy Management

Underappreciated and invisible?

Inside Track published May 2013

Workload placement in a hybrid world

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered May 2013

Security, privacy and data protection

Is cloud part of the problem, the solution, or both?

Inside Track published April 2013

Your local Public Cloud

SMBs are open to Public Cloud - provided itís easy with local sales and support

Column/Blog Post published March 2013

Freedom without Anarchy

Empowering your users while keeping control

Report/Paper published February 2013

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