IT Security and Risk Management

IT Security and Risk Management

Within this area, we focus mainly on systems security. Where relevant, we analyse IT security issues against the backdrop of the broader business risk management landscape. Beyond security, our interests in this area include IT system resiliency, protection of business information from loss, disaster recovery, and IT-related aspects of regulatory compliance.

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Say What?

IT professionals sometimes sound like they’re speaking a different language

Column/Blog Post published June 2014

Security: the oft-forgotten dimension

Most organisations do their employees an injustice

Column/Blog Post published May 2014

Computer Security: Knowing What You Don’t Know

Webcast with Tony Lock

Presentation/Webcast delivered April 2014

The State of Network Infrastructure

Does Senior Management care?

Column/Blog Post published March 2014

The Death of the Corporate Network Perimeter

Changing threats need a new approach to network security

Column/Blog Post published March 2014

Juggling Performance, Availability and Security

Factors driving data centre evolution

Inside Track published February 2014

Controlling Application Access

A network security and QoS checkpoint

Report/Paper published January 2014

The Security Education Dilemma

The hazards to organisations of insufficiently aware employees

Column/Blog Post published January 2014

Are we barking up the wrong mobile data protection tree?

IT may not have to worry about mobile device backup

Column/Blog Post published November 2013

Software Defined Networking (SDN) continues to move forwards

Channel focus: The next step

Column/Blog Post published October 2013

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