Infrastructure Modernisation

Infrastructure Modernisation

Within this area, we look specifically at the physical layer in the IT infrastructure, and how server, storage and networking capabilities are made available to applications. Important areas of focus are virtualisation, private cloud, and the role such technologies have to play in the continued evolution of the data centre.

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My life under Estoniaís digital government

Estoniaís e-Society Architecture/Infrastructure

Column/Blog Post published May 2015

The Impact of VMware VVOLs on Storage

Easier deployment of VMs needs sophisticated storage arrays

Inside Track published April 2015

Is your storage ready for the future?

Advanced storage tech really does deliver value

Column/Blog Post published March 2015

Are data centres heading towards a future of technology hardware monocultures?

Whatís the future for Ďheterogeneousí platforms?

Column/Blog Post published February 2015

The Promise and Practicalities of Flash

A real-world checkpoint

Inside Track published February 2015

Is cloud the answer to all your storage problems?

Survey respondents generally think not

Column/Blog Post published February 2015

Data Protection and RAID

Modern business needs new storage protection

Inside Track published February 2015

Hyper-Scale Data Management

An open source-based approach to Software Defined Storage

Inside Track published February 2015

Storage Infrastructure Wakeup Call

Itís not just data growth thatís a challenge

Column/Blog Post published February 2015


The use of modern technologies to alleviate the strain

Report/Paper published January 2015

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