Information Management and Delivery

Information Management and Delivery

Within this area, we look at ways of storing, managing and exploiting business data efficiently, effectively and securely. We also take an active interest in search technologies and business intelligence, as well as high-end analytics and 'big data'. But it's not only about the technology itself: data governance and other non-IT aspects for managing and using data are a key area of focus.

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Information Management and Access in the Public Sector

The potential role of active archiving

Report/Paper published August 2014

Building an open cloud: Say no to silos

Webcast with Dale Vile

Presentation/Webcast delivered May 2014

The Business Value of Data Protection

Is it time to move from Data Protection to Information Management?

Column/Blog Post published October 2013

The Data Protection Imperative

Time to take notice, time to become proactive

Report/Paper published July 2013

Data Protection as a Business Enabler

Not all data is created equal

Report/Paper published July 2013

Effective B2B Integration

Benefits and Rationale for Investment

Video Bite published February 2013

Solutions for driving better B2B integration

Spotlight on platform technology and the cloud

Column/Blog Post published February 2013

Freedom without Anarchy

Empowering your users while keeping control

Report/Paper published February 2013

Next Generation Data Management and Analytics

Challenging conventional management behaviour

Inside Track published February 2013

Effective B2B Integration

The Role of Platforms and Cloud

Video Bite published February 2013

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