About Freeform Dynamics

Bridging the gap

Freeform Dynamics is an IT industry analyst firm. Through our research and insights, we aim to help busy IT and business professionals get up to speed on the latest technology developments, and make better informed investment decisions.

In terms of style and approach, here are some of the things that make us different:

Straight talking, telling it as it is in down-to-earth language
Original thinking, creating genuinely new insights and understanding
Key questions and issues, homing in on what's important
Inclusive input, embracing the views of multiple constituencies
Contextual analysis, considering all angles and dependencies
Balanced argument, using evidence-based reasoning
Open and accessible, output available to a broad audience

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With our highly interactive culture, we are always keen to hear feedback on how well we are doing, so if you have any comments or questions as you explore this site and its content, we encourage you to contact us via info@freeformdynamics.com or call us on +44 1425 626501

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